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September 13 2017

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October 20 2015

June 28 2015

June 08 2015


Who you CAN’T call “Bruce”


Who you CAN call “Bruce”

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Sometime in 1989, Russian scientists in Siberia drilled a borehole some 14.5 kilometers deep into the Earth’s crust. The drill broke through into a cavity, and the scientists lowered some equipment to see what was down there. The temperature was more than one thousand degrees celsius—but the real shocker was the sound recorded by their instruments.

They only captured about seventeen horrifying seconds of audio before the microphone melted. Convinced that they’d heard the screams of the damned in Hell, many of the scientists quit the job immediately—or so at least the story goes. Those who stayed were in for an even bigger shock later that night. A plume of luminous gas burst out of the borehole, the shape of a gigantic winged demon unfolded, and the words “I have conquered” in Russian were seared into the flames. Even though today it is considered to be a hoax, there are many who believe that this incident really happened; the “Well to Hell” urban legend remains alive to this day.



I’m laughing so hard at the border sign differences between Canada and the U.S

First we have Canada that’s pretty okay, yeah greeting us in French as well! Thank!


And then we have America…



it’s like the whole country is a fucking theme park

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wen ur burnt af but ur still cute doe

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Thank you for an amazing show. I was alone in the crowd but I made a friend and we danced and sang our hearts out. The clique is amazing and I’m so happy to be a part of it. .:: we are @twentyonepilots ::. |-/ #MyBunbury #Bunbury2015 @bunburyfestival

June 03 2015

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kittens are painful;;

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